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Selecting the right manufacturer for your products is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business. Consistency, quality, and reliability are what your customers deserve. Since its inception, Nano Cove was created with its foundational principles and ethics dedicated to upholding the highest standards for manufacturing. All our suppliers, farmers, extractors, co-packers and partners were thoroughly qualified and are now tightly held long term relationships that all share our values. The hemp supply chain has many unique facets that require expert knowledge. Only the most dedicated professionals are invited to be part of Nano Cove in serving our customers. Like any othertechnical supply chain, the hemp supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Nano Cove has carefully insulated every side of it’s supply chain links, ensuring smooth and efficient product flow from seed clear through to the final sale of products



The hemp industry as we know it today is only a few years old. It is rapidly changing industry, expanding at unprecidented rates with cutting-edge technology and genius innovations.The amazing natural medicinal health and wellness gifts that come from the hemp plant are only now just being discovered. Globally, the scientific community has embraced hemp for materials, fuel, and wellness. With our team’s long standing professional history in the wellness industry, we have been able to leverage our experience and relationships to combine the incredible benefits derived from hemp with countless other valuable innovations, to improve human beings overall wellbeing. Cannabinoids are being researched at an unprecedented rate with major breakthroughs being published on a regular basis. Nano Cove is additionally dedicated to driving this research and discovering the synergistic combinations that will best optimize humans individual performance.


With farms spanning hundreds of acres our farmers work the land to grow the highest potency CBD hemp in the world. The genetics of our hemp plants have been bred to perfection.


Every seed is registered and certified to insure the highest levels of quality. Our hemp is farmed organically with the purest soil and water we can provide. When the hemp is harvested it is done by hand by skilled workers who know the land. Our award winning farming practices are the gold standard for organic hemp farming. Large scale, high CBD hemp cultivation is a true passion of our farmers and the results can be felt when using our CBD isolate, distillate and oil.


Producing amazing quality CBD isolate and distillate starts with detailed preparation.


If you are to achieve a highly consistent products you must have operating practices that are well thought through.

By hand preparing our hemp we are able to inspect every part of the plant and eliminate anything that would lower the quality of the finished product.


Our hemp biomass is dried with great care to maintain the terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids. Before entering the extraction machines all non essential parts of the plant are removed by hand to insure the smoothest least invasive processing of the plant.


– Nano Cove Hemp is organically grown in the USA.

– Our high CBD strains are bred by master breeders who register and certify their seeds.

– Rigorous testing and over compliance are part of our standard operating practices.

– Our crops and extractions are lab tested, insured and handled with love.

– There are no preservatives, additives, dyes or fillers in our bulk CBD products.

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