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The advancements of Nanoemulsion and Nano Particle Liposomal Encapsulation are forever changing the way we use cannabinoids in the body. 

Cannabinoid distillates and concentrates are hydrophobic substances. Which means that they do not mix into water.  Poor water solubility results in low bioavailability. Furthermore the digestive system in the body can disrupt the effectiveness of the ingredients.  Many products on the market have very low bioavailability and only a small fraction of cannabinoids are absorbed by the body. Nanotechnology is revolutionizing the industry with optimized potency, increased effectiveness and maximum efficiency. Nanoemulsion and Nano Particle Liposomal Encapsulation are the future of the nutritional and skin care industries.


Unparalleled Manufacturing Technology

Nano Cove uses a proprietary manufacturing process to produce the highest quality nano particles in the hemp industry. Bioavailability of cannabinoids and other ingr-edients is an important factor in the effectiveness of the nutrients. Having nano ingredients between 50 and 100 nanometers is the most effective way to nourish the cells and impact health on the cellular level. 


Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP Facility

Our products are manufactured under strict GMP standards. When working in the hemp industry it is essential to follow the regulations and adhere to the testing require-ments. Nano Cove docu-ments the entire chain of cudstidy of the plants, materials, ingredients and finished products. 3rd party laboratory testing is applied at every phase of the manufacturing process to insure quality, potency and compliance. 


Increased Bioavailability

The ultimate goal is to have optimal absorption of the nutrients into the cells.  Being able to control the nano particle size for different ingredients is a critical factor in the optimization of the nutrient. The type of encapsulation for skin absorption is very different than the absorption in the mouth or in the guts. Our research and development is focused on pairing nano ingredients together to create a synergistic effect with our formulas. By combining nano cannabinoids with other scientifically validated nutrients we hope to create formulas that multiple the effects of all the ingredients.  The nanotechnology used in our nutritional products, skin care and bulk ingredients dramatically enhances the overall effectiveness. Nano particle bioavailability and absorption is one of the fastest growing fields of nutritional research

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