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Everything You Need To Know About The Cannabis Terpene Pinene

There are many compounds found in plants of the cannabis family. While cannabidiol, or CBD, is getting quite a lot of traffic as a therapeutic product, it is not the product that gets you high. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has that capability.

Definition of a Cannabinoid

Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids. They impact your brain and body by binding to your cannabinoid receptors and create sensations from euphoric disconnection to relaxation to sleepiness. CBD users appreciate that this product can also block the transmission of pain data from an inflamed nerve to the brain, reducing chronic pain symptoms while allowing the user to maintain a more effective intellectual connection to their tasks.

There are also folks who get a similar benefit from THC. While legal concerns surround the use of this cannabinoid, the research on the benefits of this cannabinoid is growing rapidly.

Definition of a Terpene

Terpenes are compounds in the oils found in dried cannabis, pressed oil and pressed seed oil. The processing of these oils can impact the intensity of this aroma, which is the easiest way to recognize a terpene. However, the impact of cannabinoids can be enhanced or altered depending on the terpenes in the cannabis product.

This combination of compounds and cannabinoids is referred to as the entourage effect. Depending on the person using, the cannabinoid intensity and extraction process, and terpene profile, you may experience benefits including

  • inflammation and pain reduction

  • anxiety management and depression risk

  • pain sensations

  • vasodilation and bronchodilation

It is very important that anyone interested in a cannabinoid product to fight inflammation discuss it with their physician. For example, if you are on cholesterol medications, you may put yourself at risk by using a cannabinoid product.

A Wide Variety of Compounds to Consider

Pinene is a fragrant oil in the cannabis plant that smells like a piney wood when heated. This scent is quite common in many plants, including pine trees and herbs such rosemary and dill. Just as when you cut fresh herbs and warm them up, smoking or vaping cannabis with this oil will release this fresh fragrance.

As a forest smells fresh and clean, indications are that this compound is a very effective antiseptic. If you are considering using a cannabis topical product and have a healing scar or acne, look for a product that contains pinene to reduce the bacteria count as you soften up the scar and speed up your healing.

Be Ready to Research

Because the research on these products for adults is just starting out, a great deal of what we know is anecdotal. If you are interested in trying a cannabis product to target a particular health condition, get yourself a journal.

  • Track how you feel before you try the product

  • Start with a small dose

  • Give yourself 15 minutes to track your reaction if smoking or using sublingually; give it more time if you take an edible or use a topical

  • Note any changes and how long these changes last

If you're not at risk of a drug interaction, you can easily set your personal dose and slowly back off that once you get your pain, anxiety or other concerns addressed. It's very rare that you could have an allergic reaction, but too much of an edible product can give you an upset stomach.

Your cannabis journey will be quite personal. If your initial results are acceptable but not ideal, consider switching up your fragrance by trying products with high levels of limonene, which has a lovely citrus odor.

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