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Isolated Hemp and Cannabis Terpenes

Extracting and collecting hemp and cannabis terpenes is not a new science. Hemp derived terpenes are typically isolated by steam distillation, a process in which steam is used to extract the essential oils from the plant material. The steam passes through the plant material and the terpenes are vaporized, allowing them to be collected in a condenser. The condenser then captures and cools the vapor, leaving behind a concentrated liquid containing the terpenes, residual cannabinoids, flavonoids and other plant material. This process is considered to be one of the most effective ways to collect terpenes from hemp/cannabis.. There are many ways to trap terpenes from cannabis. You can steam extract, cold trap, cryo-cure, CO2 extract, live press and various other methods. The problem that comes with extracting terpenes from cannabis/hemp is that you also end up with other plant compounds in the extraction. Cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other phyto-chemicals are pulled with the terpenes. Furthermore when you capture terpenes from cannabis you end up with a slurry of many different terpenes and other plant compounds. With a slurry of terpenes the smells and flavors will be way off from the profile found in the fully bloomed plant. The recent breakthroughs we have made at Nano Cove allow us to isolate the terpenes through our patented proprietary fractioning technology. The terpene slurry is first put through a HPLC testing process to determine what compounds are present. Our testing methods check for over 200 different terpene expressions. Having the testing standards for so many terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and other phyto chemicals is extremely rare. Once a COA is generated from the slurry we determine the best process to fraction all of the compounds. Once the fractionated compounds are moved to separate jars we are able to purify them into 99%+ pure isolates. This process is one of the only ways to isolate terpenes at scale.

Recombination of isolated terpenes into exact profiles is the next step to creating perfectly matched profiles compared to what is in the fully bloomed cannabis plant. We are able to combine all of the terpenes into a profile that is an exact match of how they exist in the plant. This technology of matching the profile to what exists in the plant is called "MIRROR MATRIX TSCHNOLOGYY" . Mirror Matrix technology is the process of first identifying the complete terpene profile in a specific strain then extracting cannabis derived terpenes and recombining them into the exact same profile that exists in the plant. To sample terpene profiles made with our exclusive patented proprietary Mirror Matrix Technology contact Charles @ 303-506-7132

We can also map your cannabis strains and give you the complete terpene profile for your records.

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