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Myrcene, What is it?

Myrcene is a sought-after terpene that is found in nature across various species of plants. It is highly potent with earthy and fruity tones that make it a delectable choice for consumers. This compound is found in the cannabis plant within the resin glands which give it a distinct flavor and effect on the body. It has been known to cause the couch lock effect and is perfect to consider before bed. This terpene has a remarkable flavor profile that is perfect for medicinal and recreational users alike. You will find that it is abundant in nature across other plants and one of the most prominent fruits that people use in conjunction with this terpene is mangos. This is because the compound is also found within this fruit and serves to enhance the effect of a Myrcene dense strain. CBD and THC will also influence the overall sedative properties of the cannabis plant, but strains with this particular terpene have been shown to be exceptionally powerful! A terpene is basically the compound of plants that is responsible for smell, but they have a plethora of other benefits!

Examining the research: Research on Myrcene is highly encouraging and we are discovering new things every day regarding its immense benefits for the body and mind. Studies have shown that this particular terpene helps to relax muscles and can be a great replacement for certain other medications if you're tired of the side effects. Doctors are becoming more enthusiastic about the potential benefits of this specific element, Myrcene. We are learning more about how terpenes like myrcene affect our nervous system and aid in the imperative functions of the body. There has also been great promise shown in the exercise recovery industry because people put their bodies through a lot of stress. The cannabis plant along with strains that are high in this compound tends to create a sedative effect that can loosen muscles and help encourage overall recovery. Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, chronic anxiety, depression, arthritis, inflammation, and pain are all examples of how Myrcene can be utilized effectively. It can improve resistance to genotoxicity and has some impressive anti-mutation effects on the cells. All of this research is ironclad and with limited side effects. Each person is different, but the overall effects are positive.

Looking at the benefits There are many benefits to consider when using Myrcene on a regular basis. Firstly, it serves as a sedative replacement for addictive pain killers and insomnia medication. You won't get addicted to this terpene Myrcene because it's physically impossible. Many of the diseases we observe that plague humanity stem from a simple root cause of increased inflammation. This is one of the terpenes that can address this very effectively and serves to reduce stress in the body. If you're in pain, then this is the terpene you want to seek out for future usage. It has incredible pain-relieving properties that make you feel numb and relaxed. Your muscles will literally go limp as you melt into the couch with ease. It's perfect for unwinding after a stressful day as we hold much tension in our bodies like the back and neck area. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, then this compound will send you off to dream land very quickly and benefits users with a more prolonged restful sleep with increased REM. Lastly, this terpene myrcene helps to address the many sources of anxiety we experience down here. It helps to calm the mind and thoughts surrounding the complexities of life, resulting in an overwhelming sense of peace. Sources:

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