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Sky Level Hemp Launches Smokable

Premium smokable hemp is rapidly becoming a standard item in smoke shops, convenience stores and dispensaries around the country. Hemp is being sold as nugs in jars, wrapped up in papers and loose in bags. In April 2019 Sky Level Hemp first released its Hawaiian Haze flower in bags and it has been a hit since then. Many traditional marijuana smokers had a negative opinion of high CBD hemp flower. They thought that because the THC levels are below 0.3% Delta 9 THC the experience would not be good. However, the experience smoking high CBD flower is different than THC marijuana. For many people getting "high" on THC can be to intense. The side effects of THC Delta 9 can range from paranoia, forgetfulness, red eyes, being lethargic and other unwanted issues. There are countless benefits from the cannabis plant but THC is not for everybody. CBD flower does not have the psychotropic effects as marijuana. CBD flower can have great benefits for people who want to enjoy cannabis sativa but don't want to be "high". The reported benefits of smoking CBD range from instant relaxation, reduced pain, elimination of discomfort, focus, increased apatite, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, and lots more. Check out for the complete product line.

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