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Water Soluble Nano CBD Solution

Utilizing nano-emulsification and liposomal encapsulation we are able to create a cannabinoid particle that is optimal for absorption into cells. Nano encapsulated cannabinoids, like CBD, are at maximum bioavailability between 50 to 100 nm (nanometers).

Cannabinoid distillates and concentrates are hydrophobic substances. Which means that they do not mix into water. Poor water solubility results in low bioavailability. Furthermore the digestive system in the body can disrupt the effectiveness of the ingredients. Many products on the market have very low bioavailability and only a small fraction of cannabinoids are absorbed by the body. Nanotechnology is revolutionizing the industry with optimized potency, increased effectiveness and maximum efficiency. Nanoemulsion and Nano Particle Liposomal Encapsulation are the future of the nutritional and skin care industries.

Call your Nano Cove sales Agent to place an order or request a sample.

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